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Foreign Direct Investment Projects Amid the Pandemic - Morgan Crapps Co-Authors Article in Global Trade Magazine

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  • October 16, 2020

Morgan Crapps of Parker Poe Consulting, along with Sam Moses and Michael Chen of Parker Poe, provided practical tips in Global Trade Magazine for companies whose international projects have been impacted by COVID-19. 

"The coronavirus pandemic has created significant challenges for companies with foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in their pipeline," they wrote. "Restrictions on travel, immigration, and budgets are making it harder to make in-person visits to potential sites, bring over key executives, and solidify project financing amid an uncertain economy."

"It’s clear that in this virtual environment, corporate decisionmakers have more considerations than ever when it comes to making site location decisions. Not being able to inspect a site in-person or meet face-to-face makes it even more critical to have trusted partners on the ground in the United States – partners who are looking out for a company’s best interest, eliminating risk and helping the company consider all options. Working with consultants and attorneys who understand the process, the resources available, and the roadblocks will give companies the best chance of success."

"But whether a project is in the site selection stage or a company is already in operation and considering additional investment, companies have plenty of options to keep their strategic projects moving," they continued. "The key is to revisit the initial strategy, adapt to changing times by utilizing virtual tools, and consider all options with immigration and project budgets – including the potential for new incentives."

Access the full article here: Foreign Direct Investment Projects Amid the Pandemic 

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